Hello everybody and today we are going to be talking to you about Tide Pods detergent. We have absolutely love this detergent because it is one that is very simple to use because it is already pre-packaged for you. Today is going to be an in-depth review about Tide Pods and what they do. We will be talking about the ingredients that are in them, the different scents that are soLD, and what each different type of tide pods does. There are so many different types of tide pods. They have pods with bleach, stain remover, fabreeze, laundry softener, ect. There are so many different options for you to choose from and that is one reason why we like them so much.

Tide Pods are very good at taking stains out of clothes without damaging the color scheme on the Garment. You don’t even have to get the Tide Pods with the stain remover and then too getting powerful stain release we would definitely recommend this to anybody who is looking to get stains removed out of her clothes with very little effort.

The ease of use- the number one thing that Tide Pods are best for is an easy way to clean your laundry. All you have to do is grab one or two out of the container and throw them in the washer. Usually with laundry detergent you will have to pour in a certain amount of the detergent and then put the fabric softener in the other side. When you were in a hurry, something like that can take time. One of the number one selling points of tide pods is that they make doing laundry so much easier. And now that they have different versions with fabric softener and others already in them, now you do not have to go through any of the processes that you did before. For us, whatever is simplest to use is the product we will go for.

Ingredients- tide detergent is made with all natural ingredients. In fact, they have a new version of tide that has 100% biodegradable ingredients. This means that everything in this detergent is non harmful to the environment. And these days we’re looking for things like that because we want to create as least pollution as possible. We really like that tide uses 100% natural ingredients because we do care about the environment as well. All the ingredients to use as well are natural 2 Kama so if your kid were to ingest any of the detergent then it would not be harmful to their body. That is something that is very good to know because that is a problem that parents might run into with having children.

How well does the stain removal work?

One question that a lot of people will ask is if the stain removal of Tide Pods very powerful or not. To get the best stain removal we would definitely recommend that you pick up the Tide Pods with the special stain remover ingredient in them. We have used this versus other laundry detergent and nothing has worked as well. Tide has a reputation of making the best laundry detergent in the industry. We put the pads up against other specialty brands and ran a test to see which one would remove the most stains and tide came out on top every time. If you are looking for the best detergent product out there then we recommend that you visit tide’s website at Tide.com to go pick some up for yourself.

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