We are back with another post for you guys and today we would like to do an in depth review on gain detergent brand. We will be focusing on three different aspects in our review and that will be the scent, stain removing power, and how it effects the colors after each wash.

Smell– The scent of gain detergent is very nice. It is not too subtle, but at the same time it is just strong enough to smell very nice. The cool part is that gain offers so many different scents to choose from, there’s over 25. They do a very good job of making the scent stay in the clothes for quite some time. We did a test against some of the competitors and gain came out on top in every test. The scent stayed in for about three times as long as everything else and that consisted of putting it though scenarios that should of taken it out. For this we were very impressed and would recommend it as the detergent of choice for long lasting smell.

stain power- our next subject of discussion would be how well this detergent takes the stains out of clothes. We would have to say that gain is one of the best when it comes to this because even with the regular scent it works very well. Usually when you have to get a special stain removing product from other companies for it to even work. Gain has a stain removing detergent as well that is for getting really tough stains out of clothes. That one works probably the best our of any detergent that we have ever tried before. It even works better than the tide pods that we reviewed last time.

color dissolution –  our next topic of conversation is going to be over how well and the color stays in each garment after each wash. We tested a lot of different detergents for this factor and gain came out in the upper 70% of the others.  We included about 15 other top brands when performing these tests. So tide was about in the 10 to 12 range of the top. They scored third place in this competition.

We would have to say that for the most part, this Brandy did a very good job of keeping the color in the clothes after each wash. The only one that it had problems with is darker clothes because those tend to leak a little bit more. The worst product it worked on was jeans because those are so heavy and that makes them have so many different dies.  When you are dealing with that many colors in one peice of clothing it is very hard to make them stay in the garment. Overall, we would  give this product 4.5 out of five stars because it did exceptionally well in every single test that we did. We would definitely recommend this to anybody that is looking for a very affordable type of detergent that is going to get the job done.

please watch this video on gain detergent as well as go to their website to take a look at all of the different scents they have. Ilovegain.com


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