This review post is going to be similar to the last one in the sense that we are reviewing another top laundry detergent brand. Just like the last post we will be focusing on the three different aspects and we will talk about those in detail below. Today we are going to be covering  The brand called whisk and they have a product called deep clean.

stain removing power-this one probably has the highest stain removing power out of any laundry detergent that is ever been made. We give it a 10 out of 10 when it comes to this aspect because it powered through almost any stain we could ever think of. The only thing I could not fix was a whole shirt is soaked in red wine.  We did not expect any detergent brand to handle something like that though. This product comes out on top because of its patented stain removing formula that is infused with the detergent. It works hard at fighting the stains and then lifting them right from the core.

How it smells- The scent of this detergent is something that it really lacks in. It has a good strong scent to begin with, but it does not do a very good job of staying in the piece of clothing for very long at all. We would have to rate it at a five out of ten because of that aspect. Brands like tide and gain do a much better job of keeping the smell in the garment even through the toughest scenarios. We would advise that you only wear each garment for about a day and then wash it again if you want it top keep smelling good.

How well it keeps colors in the clothes- We put this detergent in a line up against the other top brands and it came in dead last because it really does not do a good job of keeping the colors in the piece of clothing. We would only recommend this for light colors because when it comes to heavy blues or colors or that sort, you will start to see strong fading just after a few washes. With most other brands you will see that it takes about 50 washes to start seeing significant signs of fading going on. We think that this is because of how powerful the stain remover is in the detergent. That is okay though because if you need a stain out really badly then we would defenitley recommend this one.

We have put this brand through all of our testing and we would have to give it a 5/10 for a total score. We gave it this because it somewhat failed two of the very big aspects of a good laundry detergent brand. We would still recommend it to may people though just because of the sheer stain removal power.

please go take a look at their website at your next convenience


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