This post is going to be about a review on Oxyclean.  If you guys remember who Billy Mays is  then you will remember all of the old commercials that he used to put on about this product. That is probably the number one way that people know about Oxyclean. If you do not know what this product is, it is just super powerful stain remover mixed with the laundry detergent. This is probably the best stain remover that is on the market because it works like bleach but does not have the harsh chemicals that causes the discoloration in cloths.  We wanted to do a quick review on this product today because we believe that it is something that a lot of people should use. We would give this a 10 out of 10 because it scored very high in all of our tests.

Stain removing power-like we said, this probably is the number one stain remover on the market. There is nothing that comes close because oxyclean  gets the stains out 100% of the time. It can even get the toughest of stains out of your clothes such as blood, and permanent marker.  It basically has the power of bleach but without the color stripper inside of it. One thing that stain remover’s can’t do usually is take out the tough stains. That is where this product shines above those.  We took a garment and put the nastiest of stains on it. We had a chocolate stains, rust, permanent marker, blood, black die,  and spaghetti sauce. The Oxsee clean had no problem taking out the stains with ease. They came out right when we pulled the garment out of the solution. We did not even have to wash it, that is how good it is!

The cleaning power-on top of being a very good stain remover, this is also very good at getting the dirt out of your clothes when it comes to a detergent. The soap is very powerful yet harmless to the fabrics themselves. They use a blend of natural chemicals  are harmless to the human body as well. Since they are natural, they will not bring any discoloration to the clothes. Sometimes when you have bargain brand detergents, you will run into the problem of discoloration after a few washes. The way Oxsee clean works is that the soap penetrates deep down into the fabric and lifts the dirt right out.

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