Today we are going to be covering the subject of bleach. We will be talking about what effects that this can have on your clothes and some viable solutions for you to use instead. Don’t get us wrong though, bleach is not a bad thing. It is only meant for whites though because it strip the color out of everything else.

If you didn’t know, the best stain remover out there is bleach. Because it turns everything WHITE that is in the load of clothes. If you are trying to get whites even whiter  then this is the perfect solution.  If you mix anything else with it though all of your clothes will get messed up. The way bleach works to get out the stain is it has strong bacteria fighting chemicals that literally kills everything in sight. That causes all the colors to fade but in the end leaving a stainless garment. If you do this with dark clothes though, you will  run into the problem of having very splotchy and spotty garments.

Here are some good alternatives you can use

Shout stain remover-this is perhaps one of the best stain mover brands out there because it’s is able to take stains out of clothes without leaving any discoloration whatsoever. We are not quite sure how they do this process but it has to consist of using a chemical blend that is very light and unharmful. This brand is a very good job at seeping into the fabric and lifting the stain from the core.  There is no other brand out there that works as good as this one. We ran tests against all of the other name brand and generic  steam rivers and shout did the best job.

Kirkland brand stain remover-this is a stain remover brand that is just like shout but it is the Costco version and generic brand. This one works almost as well as shout but is a little bit cheaper and still gets the job done. We would recommend this product for somebody who is looking for a bargain.  It takes out virtually all the stains by hitting about 99% of the garments. If all the stains don’t come out on the first wash, then all you have to do is run it through again and spray the area thoroughly.

We recommend stain remover’s over bleachers because they are safer. If you get bleach on your skin then you can risk getting irritation because you could be allergic to the harsh chemicals that are inside of it. Since stain remover’s have very light chemicals that are usually natural, you don’t risk any safety hazards because of them.  The other reason is that stain remover’s have the same amount of power for getting the stains out that bleach does without stripping all of the color out. Granted sometimes, the stains are too big to take out and that’s when the breeze comes in handy but you better hope that it is on a white garment.

Check out this video that is all about  stain removers versus bleaches.

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